Painted Upholstery… Or How To Avoid Piping

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A while back my amazing friend, Melody invited me to guest post over on her blog, My Passion for Decor. Of course I agreed because Melody does things with paint that a girl could only dream of. (For example here, here and HERE!) Immediately I had an idea to finally try my hand at painting upholstery. Yeah… that was months and months ago. Thankfully Melody hasn’t de-blog-friended me and I’m finally ready with my painted upholstery show-and-tell!

painted upholstery label

You’ll have to head over to My Passion For Decor to see the full play by play, but I will show you how this $20 Craigslist chair looked before:


And with my super secret and super complicated technique for painting upholstery, this is how it looks now:


Here’s something I didn’t share with Melody’s readers… unless you’re coming over from My Passion for Decor in which case, Hi! Here’s a secret. There WERE a pair of these chairs, and I had a plan to reupholster them (yeah, sewing piping and all). So I went ahead and pulled apart one chair, spray painted the frame, and…. haven’t touched it since. The piping, you guys. I just can’t! There it sits all sad and lonely in the basement. If only I’D KNOWN how killer the painted upholstery would turn out!

The moral of this DIY story is that sometimes paint is the answer to every question. And piping is hell. Now go get the full scoop and tell Melody I said, “Hi!”

XO Charlotte
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    • Charlotte says

      Hey! How are you?! Now that I’m back from Haven, hoping to crank out some projects for you! Thanks, as always! Mwah!

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