Pottery Party With Her Peeps

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At the risk of going too far with the birthday related posts, I have one more. Sorry. But as a mom of three, I love getting any new ideas for parties… especially for the younger set who may not have defined interests beyond, oh, “pink.”


So here’s the breakdown of Eleanor’s official 4th birthday party. (We did these little activities in her classroom last week.)

Planning: I asked Eleanor what she wanted and she remembered the time we’d gone to paint pottery at a place down the road, Hands On Pottery.  (They let grownups come in on Friday evenings to paint pottery with a bottle of wine on hand, I’m just sayin’…)


I’m WAY too intimidated by the masses to invite more than a few of her friends, so we picked a handful of girls to include. (I’ve heard that birthdays should have no more guests than the age of the child- not a bad idea, actually!)


For treats, I did a little searching on Pinterest and came up with a selection of fun cupcakes, etc. I searched for pink cupcakes, art themed cupcakes and just plain fun cupcakes. (BTW, I now have a Ciburbanity Pinterest page, so go check it out to see some of the pins I collected for the party!) I scrolled through the pictures with Eleanor and she picked the one she liked the most:

They were super simple: make a batch of Rick Krispie treats. Let them sit for a few hours in the pan and then flip the whole thing out and cut them into smaller rectangles. I found some lollypop sticks at Michael’s and stuck these into each end of the Rice Krispie treats. (Popsicle sticks look more realistic since we were going for a paint brush look, but I got lost in the candy section.)



I also grabbed pink cooking chocolates at Michael’s; a couple of minutes in the microwave and they were ready for dipping. While the chocolate was still warm, I hit ’em with some sprinkles.



The nice thing about this chocolate is that it hardens and then you can pack it up for easy transport. And, it looks super cute all wrapped up with a shiny pink ribbon.


As for favors, I’m a sucker for a goodie bag. I love getting them and I love giving them. It’s always tricky to find something that might actually be fun, as opposed to one more piece of tiny crappy plastic to be thrown out within 5 hours.


While on Pinterest, I saw a personalized bag and figured that if these girls are anything like my hoarding daughter, a bag would be right up their alley. I have a set of alphabet sponges so all I needed was the bags and the fabric paint.



30 minutes later, and all 5 goodie bags were done and set aside to dry. I used a brush to touch up any places that didn’t come through with the sponge.




I was hoping to find some cute art-themed favors like watercolor palettes or journals with pens… but Michael’s was having a promotional on these paintable mugs and that was the obvious choice! A scattering of candy thrown in for good measure and all the party prep was done.



The party itself was adorable. We ended up having the entire place to ourselves and watching everyone paint their hand-selected treasures was a treat.





I know Eleanor had a blast and hopefully everyone else did too!




XO Charlotte
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  1. Jill says

    We painted the swag bag mug IMMEDIATELY upon arriving home. Almost reached meltdown today when she asked to paint another cup and there wasn’t one to paint. Thanks for a super fun time!!

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