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I’ve had a can of chalkboard paint in the garage for months.  So. Many. Possibilities.  I have lots more left for other projects, but for now, I stuck with the obvious… a new chalkboard in the family room.

First steps, tape and slap on the paint.

The paint on the wall looked a little plain Jane, so I decided to get my trim on.  Home Depot has lots and lots of options but I settled with this more classic and simple style.

Here’s what I learned about the cost of trim at Home Depot.  It’s not per strip, it’s per foot.  So I bought a few feet more than I needed.  But… I’m also learning my way around our compound miter saw (yep, Craigslist), so probably just as well that I had some extra length.  All in, I think the trim was $30 so regardless… not a wacky investment.  I considered leaving the edges square and using a square rosette on the corners, but the space is pretty casual, so I didn’t think we needed the added flare.  (Hence the need for 45 degree cuts… the folks at Home Depot could do this for you, if you don’t have a miter saw at home!)  After a coat of paint, ready to install.

The friendly Home Depot gent who helped me, suggested that I hammer in my finishing nails most of the way first, and then hold it up to the wall to hammer them all the way in.

I used a level before nailing the trim onto the wall.  Then, I took a larger nail and hammered each of these brads so that the nail head was below the surface of the trim. That way, I could go back with putty and the nail holes would be invisible.

I cleaned up the corners a bit with some wood filler and then went back over with a 2nd coat of paint.  They’re not the prettiest joints you’ll ever see, but it’s a kids’ chalkboard (and as soon as we can, we plan to demo that wall to make our kitchen a little more modern) so I didn’t sweat the details too much.

I read somewhere (maybe on the chalkboard paint can… who knows) that to ‘prime’ the chalkboard, chalk up the entire surface and then erase it all off.

Bring it on, kids!



XO Charlotte
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  1. Susan Laker says

    Hi Charlotte, I am a veteran mom but work with kids so still love this. If you do this again, you can paint a layer of magnetic paint under the chalkboard paint and you will have 2 surfaces in one :)

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