Play Dough Play

play dough

Let's talk play dough, mmmkay?  Specifically salted  playdough.  We grew up with this stuff and just that salty feeling on my fingers brings back memories of my youth.  Or yoot if you're a fan of My Cousin Vinnie.  I forget how dang easy it is to make so the other day I whipped up a batch for the … [Read more...]

Flapjacks and Flannel

leaf blowing duluth

Disclaimer: Duluth Clothing Co. sent me these shirts, but... trust me. My adoring infatuated opinions are entirely my own! I don't usually post about style on here. I love fashion and jewelry and clothing and accessories, so it's not that I'm uninterested... but the thought of actually bathing and … [Read more...]

Fairies in the Garden

FAIRY HOUSE in the garden

This past weekend, we drove down to Virginia for my grandmother's 95th birthday. Yep. Ninety Five. What does this have to do with #WednesdayPlayday you might be wondering? Well, aside from having 14 great grandchildren (!!) and a penchant for gin and tonic, my memories of Granny evoke make-believe … [Read more...]


martha with baby

On Sunday afternoon, Mark took Oliver for a boys' afternoon to a hockey game. I was home with the girls and realized how much the dynamic shifts when one sibling is taken out of the equation. Similarly when Martha is still asleep and the two older kids are playing together or when Eleanor is … [Read more...]