No More Wallpaper

top layer of wallpaper

You know what they don't tell you when "fabric softener" is a recommended technique for removing wallpaper?  That the scent will permeate the hairs of your nose and you will dream about whatever scent the butterfly and generic grasses are supposed to represent.  But, without any blood shed, the … [Read more...]

Plans For the Powder Room

bathroom sink

Are you sitting down?  Kidding… you don’t need to be, but given the topic of this post, I thought maybe that would be an amusing intro.  I’m talking powder rooms and potties today.  Well really just one, but ours is so bad that I can mention it twice. Backstory:  We bought our house almost 4 … [Read more...]

Clutter Busting Containers

container collage

I'm the first to admit I have waaaay to much junk kicking around for my own good.  No, that tube of toothpaste does not need to be on the counter and no, that pair of socks does not need to be on the side table.  All these little pieces of clutter make me batty.  I corral them pretty well, but … [Read more...]

DIY Giant Puzzle

puzzle feature

We're down at my folks so the fun for the week has pretty much been digging through all my mom's amazing toys and running back and forth to the playhouse. But... before we left I FINALLY finished a #WednesdayPlayday project that I let get away from me. And I don't know what took me so long … [Read more...]

Fun With Baking Soda (and I Don’t Mean Baking…)

chalk painting

Yesterday was touch 'n go, I'm not gonna lie... no sitter... everyone's home from camp...I checked the clock when I was pretty sure it was close to noon and it was... 8:45. But I had trained for this moment. I felt good. Strong. Prepared. Fundamentally, I'm a middle school science … [Read more...]