Quick and Easy Beaded Necklace

necklace finish

When you guys were little did you sit around and make those friendship bracelets? All the colorful knots that would creep their way up your arm until you had a soggy musty cotton wrist band of bracelets? Me too. No... I'm not going to regale you with an updated way to weave chic and easy … [Read more...]

Sisal Transformation

sisal lamp makeover

I threatened to do it. Every time I mentioned it, I'd follow up with... 'I wanna try this again.' Well, I came, I saw, I wrapped. Again. After the transformation of my ombre lamp, I was curious about something more sisal-y. Rustic. Swinging through Home Depot last week, I grabbed a roll of … [Read more...]

Babies and Blankets

Haiti Babi

Disclosure: Haiti Babi provided this adorable blanket for the giveaway for free, but I wouldn't offer it if I didn't love it personally... all super soft baby blanket opinions are my own! I can't say that we've ever been particularly superstitious. I mean, when I played sports I had a few little … [Read more...]

Reupholstered Kids Rocker

upholstered kids chair

Upholstery is hard, y'all. One of my goals for 2015 was to crack the upholstery code a bit, and today's my first attempt. (I didn't sew an inch of piping, so I'm still being a little pipe-ist in that regard... but one thing at a time.) I was reading my friend Jen's blog for her wisdom on upholstery … [Read more...]

Kids Bedroom Reboot

Bunk beds

Disclaimer: RugsUSA provided me with the mack daddy rug for this room, but the opinions and drool and obsessive love are all my own. I realized the other day that Eleanor and Oliver's shared bedroom is REALLY different than the one on the House Tour and I haven't posted about any of the little … [Read more...]

Coming Up Next

Audi Neil Lane

Oh my goodness!!! After 2 months with projects and posts coming out my ears... 2015 is starting with a decidedly blanker slate.  We have some potentially huge projects on the horizon (stay tuned!), but plenty of smaller ones that I wanted to share with you now.  Because the last two weeks … [Read more...]

Best Of 2014

Best of 2014 final

2014. Um, WHERE DID IT GO? With small children running amok time can get away from me. I mean last year at this point Louisa was still swaddled and sleeping 22 hours a day and now she's RUNNING after her siblings! Eleanor will sit for hours drawing and writing. WRITING. With letters. And sounds. And … [Read more...]