Nail Polish Embellishment

nail polish dots up close

As bloggers, there are lots of times when we draw inspiration from our colleagues and fellow designers. A living room vignette might influence a mantle layout... a table setting might lead to a coffee table arrangement... a throw pillow could be the springboard for a new bedroom color scheme. … [Read more...]

Updates to the Guest Room

guest room updates

I shared this picture on Instagram earlier this week and realized that I hadn't shown you some tweeks and updates that I made to the guest room since I first posted about it last year. Like any room, it took some 'living in' to work out the kinks, but the bones of the space stayed the same. Still... … [Read more...]

Embossed Monogram Hand Towel

monogram embossed towel

Imagine there's a blogging merit badge. Like the girl scouts. Upholstered a stool? Here's your patch. Painted the dining room? Patch. Repurposed a thrift store laundry basket into a pendant light? Patch. Patch. Well, today I got my Cricut patch! Until I started blogging, I had never heard … [Read more...]

Photo Graphics Tips and Tricks

cropping to square

Graphics. Anyone familiar with Photoshop can whip up a graphic in 5 hot minutes. I am NOT familiar with 99.7% of Photoshop, but... I still love to play around with graphics so... I wanted to share a couple of my tricks for adding text, creating graphics, and generally sassing up my … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Beaded Necklace

necklace finish

When you guys were little did you sit around and make those friendship bracelets? All the colorful knots that would creep their way up your arm until you had a soggy musty cotton wrist band of bracelets? Me too. No... I'm not going to regale you with an updated way to weave chic and easy … [Read more...]