Spring Is About To Be Sprung

spring tour oval art

I am inordinately fortunate to be a contributor for a couple of other blogs (Classy Clutter and VRAI Magazine) and I LOVE collaborating with other bloggers for seasonal house tours and fun events like #SwapItLikeItsHot. Problem is that eeeeevery once in a while EVERYthing is due the same time of … [Read more...]

Pallet Break Down

whole pallet

I will personally deliver a batch of chocolate cake pops, an arm knitted scarf and a washi taped spring duckling if anyone can provide me with a "Pause" button for this week. I just need an extra day or two. Anyone? Bueller? Shucks. Before we jump in to today's pallet-palooza, I want to WELCOME … [Read more...]

Stationery and Scattered Thoughts

DIY stationary detail

Oh my goodness.  Do you guys ever have those weeks where you have maybe 47 balls in the air? And then you get a snow day and a few other little hiccups and boom. Nothing's done, but everything's in progress?! Well... that's been my week.  After the excitement of #SwapItLikeItsHot, I went into a … [Read more...]

Nail Polish Embellishment

nail polish dots up close

As bloggers, there are lots of times when we draw inspiration from our colleagues and fellow designers. A living room vignette might influence a mantle layout... a table setting might lead to a coffee table arrangement... a throw pillow could be the springboard for a new bedroom color scheme. … [Read more...]